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Self Check-in

An autonomous and secure access

Self Check-in, as the name suggests, will allow you to independently access your Room / Suite of Opera Arte Conero Riviera through a personal code, valid for the entire duration of your stay without any time problems.

How does it work

Before your arrival, once the reservation is confirmed, we will communicate your personal code which will be used to access the the room of the structure. In order to ensure greater protection and a holiday as carefree as possible, we recommend to do not share it with anyone, other than those who will occupy the accommodation with you. You will need to enter a 4-digit pin code on the numeric keypad that will allow access to the room for the entire period of your stay.


The advantages of Self Check-in are numerous and help us make your journey comfortable and unique.

The first advantage of Self Check-in is certainly a considerable time saving, in fact in a few minutes you can access the room and in the event of delays or unexpected arrival you will not have to worry about anything.

Among the advantages we would also like to point out that this is a completely covid-free check-in that is added to our daily commitment to sanitize and thoroughly clean the entire structure, respecting the regulations issued by the government, considering that we care your health first.

What if you forget your code?

We recommend to write down the 4-digit pin on your phone, or on a note to keep in your pocket. In case you forget it, or lose it, just call us and we will send it again. Self Check-in allows you to solve the problem in a very short time, without having to wait for a new access key.

Opera Arte
Conero Riviera
Via IV Novembre 18 - 60026 Numana (AN), Italia
Cod. fisc. P.I.: 01454070432 - Cap. Soc. euro 10.000 int. vers.
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